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"Weíll give you a reason to SMILE!" 

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to provide the highest quality of dental care for our patients. Only through excellence in dentistry and quality relationships can we make a positive contribution to the oral health, happiness and self-esteem of those around us.

We will provide a soothing atmosphere.  We shall let our patients know they are important to us and express our sincere appreciation to them for selecting our practice. 

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Hereís what his patients are saying about him:

Misty Worst
A few years ago I had a really bad experience at the dentist. It left me afraid of having any dental work done. A friend suggested I see Dr. Logan. I came in to his office with a lot of work that needed done. I told him about the experience and he recommended a sedation procedure. I went in for the conscious sedation and I left with barely any recollection of what had gone on while I was in his office. He had completed all my dental work in the one visit. His staff was helpful and friendly also. I would recommend the conscious sedation procedure at Dr. Logan’s office for anyone who has a fear of seeing the dentist.


Steve Peterson
I am in a management position in my company and I work with the public on a daily basis so my appearance is important. I never thought I could have straight white teeth without braces, but Dr. Logan completely straightened all my upper and lower teeth (16 in all) with porcelain veneers. I never realized how yellow and uneven my teeth were until Dr. Logan compared them to porcelain veneers. My new veneers not only look great, but they feel great too.

I canít say enough about Dr. Logan and his staff.
They made me feel very comfortable and relaxed during the process and were always professional and courteous. I am so happy that I had the procedure done. I feel great about my new smile. All my friends and family love my new bright,white smile. Dr. Logan did a wonderful job and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Many thanks to Dr. Logan and his staff for my new smile.

Luke Berardelli

As a recent recipient of an implant, let alone an implant to one of my front upper teeth, I can say nothing more but how I am extremely satisfied with the work that was done. 


Having a career in sales, my appearance is very important to myself and to the company I represent.  I was concerned that my smile would be different following the procedure.  But after consulting and eventually the implant itself, I found out how experienced and knowledgeable Dr. Logan and his staff truly are, for my smile couldnít have turned out to be any better.


In the end, the procedure was simple, with minimal discomfort.  The care and patience Dr. Logan and his staff had, were held to the highest level throughout the implant process. I couldnít be happier with the end result and I truly urge those who are considering getting an implant consult with Dr. Logan first.  Your smile counts on it!


Ed Skopinski
I had the Brite Smile treatment done at Dr. Loganís office and I was very pleased with the results. Overall it was really better than I expected. During the procedure, the staff made sure I was as comfortable as possible. When I left the office, I was given before and after photographs of my teeth. My wife noticed immediately and her reaction was WOW!!

It was definitely worth the investment and time. I tried the commercial products for whiter teeth sold at the stores. I did not like the taste and they were uncomfortable to wear. I really did not have the time or patience for it. I would highly recommend having the Brite Smile treatment done at Dr. Loganís office.

Joseph Sabella
I have been with Dr. Logan since he started his practice. 
I feel comfortable with him, I trust him and his advice. 
Dr. Logan has done crown and bridgework for me which
I am completely satisfied with. I am now proud of my smile.
Sarah Meier
I highly recommend Dr. Logan. He is personable and I
feel comfortable with him and his staff. I was referred
by a friend and have been pleased ever since. 
Everyone at Dr. Loganís office is friendly and helpful.
Jeanne Moyer
I am grateful to Dr. Logan for saving my front teeth and
my smile. Dr. Logan opened the office for me on a Sunday
night in my emergency situation. He really cares about his
patients because he was there for me when I needed him. 
There needs to be more doctors like him.
Thank you! Thank you!
James Sneed
What impressed me the most about Dr. Logan is not just
his work but the fact that he takes his time and he was
concerned with my look as a patient. He is precise in his
work and went over and above to make sure I was satisfied. 
Dr. Logan was gentle and concerned about my feelings. 
His staff is great - cordial and polite. I was referred
by a friend.
Rev. Brightwell
I trust his opinion and I feel he is very friendly and outgoing.
Lisa Hiltz
I like the friendly family atmosphere at Dr. Loganís office. 
I have three children that go to his office along with my
husband and myself. The kids love going because Dr. Logan
can relate to them and their needs.
Kelly Hicks
Dr. Logan has done crown work on my front teeth which I
am very happy with. It was a great overall experience and
everyone on staff including Dr. Logan was helpful and real
nice.I also donít mind having my teeth cleaned every
six months because the hygienist is gentle and does a good job.

Linda Rodenbeck
Our whole family enjoys going to Dr. Loganís office. My husband
(Scott) and his dad (Tom) have been coming to Dr. Loganís office for years. They have been seen by the original founder in the practice Dr. E.W. Logan and now by his son Dr. William E. Logan. Our two children look forward to their dental appointments. Dr. Logan and his staff have a calm and relaxed manner that puts the kids at ease. My son (Andrew - 5 years old) says "Dr. Logan knows what he is doing."

I like the fact that the office coordinator works with our busy schedules to accomodate us. We have also enjoyed seeing the changes in technology and remodeling to the office. We would highly recommend Dr. Logan.

Elaine Hildebrand 

My family and I have been coming to Dr. Loganís office for over 37 years.  Even when my children went to college out of state, they kept Dr. Logan as their dentist. Iíve been so happy with Dr. Logan that I have even referred my sister to the office. 

I thought about having the veneer procedure done for two years before I decided to go ahead with it.  I was skeptical for a couple of reasons:  1) It was going to be six of my front teeth, and I knew this would be permanent and not reversible.  2) I thought it would be painful and Iím a big chicken when it comes to pain.  I also knew my teeth were uneven and not a pretty color.  Some factors that helped me make my decision to have the procedure done:  1) I read all the educational aids (pamphlets, posters and in-office video) to help put my mind at ease.  2) I knew someone that had veneers done by Dr. Logan and they were very pleased. 

I finally decided to go ahead and have it done.  During the procedure, Dr. Loganís assistant was very thoughtful and accommodating.  Dr. Logan knew I was sensitive to cold and he did a great job with the Novocain.  He smoothed off my uneven teeth and put the veneers over the top.  The final result was beautiful!  My front teeth are so white and perfect. I am so happy I had it done.  I can smile with pride.  I would refer Dr. Logan to anyone.

Stacey T. Bisceglia
I have been a patient of Dr. Loganís for 13 years.  Originally,
a friend referred me to him, saying Dr. Logan was a quality
I keep using Dr. Logan for my Dentistry needs for
a few good reasons.  He takes his time and does the job right
every time. 

He cares about doing quality work, and this is exemplified
in his attention to detail. He takes the time needed with each
patient to be sure the job is complete and that all questions
are answered.

Dr. Logan schedules patients to fit into these criteria.  He does
not back up his waiting room, but yet gives each patient the
proper time needed.  Dr. Logan does not rush through work.
Finally, Dr. Logan and his staff are personable and professional. They are always friendly and ready to answer any questions. 

Dr. Logan will be my Dentist of choice for life!


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